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Restock Dates For Out of Stock Items

Due to unprecedented logistics complications, COVID restrictions, & worldwide shipping delays we have had a very difficult time getting & keeping our popular products in stock. We promise we are trying our hardest to get everything back in stock as quickly as possible. 

Because of all of the delays and the high demand for our products, we are unable to take backorders for any item.  

Please locate the item you are interested in on the chart below to find the expected restock date. Check back on our site around that time to purchase.

 Women's Styles:  Expected Restock Dates*
 Maximum Absorbency Full Cut Panty (HDL200)  May 18th - 25th
 Super Absorbency Full Cut Panty (HDL100)  May 18th - 25th
 Cotton Comfort Panty (L100)  July 26th - August 2nd
 Maximum Absorbency Mid-Rise Panty (HDL400)  May 18th - 25th
Smooth & Silky High-Leg Panty (S100) Mid to Late July


 Men's Styles:  Expected Restock Dates*
 Maximum Absorbency Brief (HDM200)  May 18th - 25th
 Super Absorbency Brief (HDM100)  May 18th - 25th
 Regular Absorbency Brief (M100)  July 26th - August 2nd
 Regular Absorbency Boxer Brief (MBB100)  May 18th - 25th
 Regular Absorbency 2-in-1 Boxer (MBB200)  Date unavailable at this time
 Max Absorbency H-Fly Boxer Brief (HDM500)  May 18th - 25th

These are estimated dates that we have received from our shipping partners, these dates are subject to change. We will be continually updating the time frames when we receive more information from our logistic and shipping partners.