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What Size and Absorbency Is Right For Me?

For Men For Women
How does the built-in panty liner work?

The liner wicks and absorbs moisture away from the body and locks it in. The center layer is made up of absorbent, odor reducing fiber fill. To prevent leakage, the bottom of the pad is lined with waterproof polyurethane laminate.

How do the Briefs and Panties work to control leakage?

All of the Wearever incontinence underwear have a patented 3 layer absorbent fiberfill pad sewn in to the garment designed to support light leaks and small drips that accumulate over the course of the day. The pad will accept 1-2 oz per small leak and is not intended for heavy streams, full voids or total incontinence. Once the pad reaches it’s full capacity, a change is necessary to avoid overflow. We recommend a good snug fit where the sewn in pad fits snug to the body in order to do the intended job.  

How does the Wearever® pad absorb odor?

The non woven fibers are treated with a natural solution that fights odor-causing bacteria.The fibers never come in contact with their body as the fibers are covered with a 50/50 cotton/poly top liner. Rinsing the product in a solution of 50-50 Vinegar to Water solution will help reduce odor if the product is not laundered immediately after use

How much coverage does the pad provide?

The coverage differs depending on the style of the garment. The size of the built-in pad incrementally increases with the amount of liquid the pad can wick away. The regular absorbency pads are roughly the size of a disposable pad. The super pads are larger, going not quite halfway up the front and back panels. The maximums are the largest, going halfway up the front and back panels. For the men’s garments: The pad extends up past the fly on the front side of all styles to ensure proper coverage. The back coverage of the classic is minimal. The back coverage of the super and maximum extends about halfway up the back side of the garment.

Does the men’s underwear have functioning flies?

Yes, all of our men’s styles have a functioning fly. Since the pad extends higher than the fly, it is necessary to push the pad aside when using the fly.

How do you wash the underwear & bed pads?

Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low. Do not use chlorine bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets, as these additives will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the pad’s absorbency.

How long will Wearever® underwear last?

Wearever® underwear will last just as long as any non-absorbent panty! Depending on how you wash them, they can last up to 200-250* washes! *200-250 washes refers to the general wear and tear that occurs, when the elastic may start to give and the garment may no longer hold its shape. If you follow our washing instructions, the pad itself will continue to absorb past the lifetime of the garment, so no need to track the amount of washes. We recommend the garment is replaced when they no longer fit properly or there is visible signs of wear. 

Is the body of the underwear leak proof?

No, only the pad itself is. Once the pad is full, any additional liquid will leak over it and through the fabric in front of or behind the pad. Because of this, we recommend you change the underwear when the pad is full.

Can I use Wearever® for bowel incontinence?

Unfortunately, the Wearever® products are intended only for bladder incontinence.

Can I use Wearever® at night?

While we do have many customers that use our products at night, the success will depend on your level of incontinence and the position that you sleep in. None of our underwear is padded all the way up the back to the waistband, so if you sleep on your back there is a chance the liquid will flow towards the back and past the padding. If you sleep on your side there is a possibility you could experience a leak over the edges of the pad. None of our products are intended for very heavy streams or full voids so if you deal with either of those at nighttime, they will likely leak. Our products were not specifically designed for night-time wear, therefore we can’t guarantee their success if you purchase for that purpose. For added protection, we offer Wearever® Pads to keep all your furnishings dry.

Are these the same Wearever® underwear that were sold in the Starcrest catalog, Handsome Rewards catalog, and Signature catalog?

Yes, we are the direct manufacturer of the products and Starcrest is one of our wholesale partners. These are the same great incontinence underwear that you've purchased from the Starcrest, Handsome Rewards, and/or Signature catalogs!