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Classic Nylon Panty


Product SKU: L30
$16.99 - $101.99

Wearever Women's Nylon Incontinence Panties offer an enhanced style and fashion with the same comfort and reliability you've grown to love over the years. Our Nylon Incontinence Panties will last 200-250 washes and are backed by the Wearever brand. Our reusable incontinence underwear is both an economical and reliable alternative to disposable incontinence products. Wearever's Nylon Incontinence Panties are a soft and silky 100% nylon panty, which includes a waterproof outer layer on the absorbent pad for double protection while preventing leakage. Our silver ion antimicrobial fibers reduce embarrassing odors caused by bacteria and these incontinence panties require no inserts or disposable pads. These specific incontinence panties are perfect for ladies experiencing light to moderate incontinence and are easy to machine wash and dry.

Manufacturer Wearever