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Quality Incontinence Supplies For Men and Women


Discrete, durable, and attractively priced, Wearever incontinence products conforms to your active lifestyle and lets you live life to the fullest. Sleep easy and go out into the world knowing you’re protected by one of the most trusted names in incontinence supplies.

Men's and Women's Incontinence Underwear

What sets Wearever apart from other companies is the ability of our incontinence underwear, incontinence panties, and incontinence briefs to be washable. Washable incontinence briefs save you money on disposables as they are resistant between 200 - 250 washes. These undergarments feature varying levels of protection and protect against light, moderate, and heavy leakage.

Cotton Diabetic Socks by Buster Brown

Many of our customers suffering from incontinence are also diabetic. Wearever offers 100% cotton diabetic socks by Buster Brown, for maximum comfort and durability. Appropriate with those with poor circulation or easily irritated skin, Buster Brown socks contain no elastics or synthetics. They are made from full cotton offer superior comfort in fashionable styles.

Incontinence Bed Pads for Overnight Protection

Looking for overnight protection? Wearever incontinence bed pads keep your bed dry. Reusable bed pads are much more cost effective than disposable bed pads, which need to be replaced after an accident. Bed pads for incontinence are durable, dependable, and can be washed in the morning in case of an accident.

We understand that dealing with incontinence can be challenging, and this is why Wearever makes every effort to ensure our products remain affordable, comfortable, and healthy for use.