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Super Absorbency Briefs

Super Absorbency Briefs

Product Review (submitted on September 2, 2011):
For reasons I’ve never fully understood, makers of incontinence products like to make their products look thicker than they actually are. Trust me when I tell you that incontinent people want thinner and less obvious products, as long as they’re still effective.

I assumed that was the case with the Eversures Men’s Brief as well, and so I ordered it to give it a shot. I was (mostly) wrong. Not that that’s all bad.

The underwear is true to size, so order the same size you would with regular underwear, but the integrated pad is not only thick, but pretty stiff, which really affects the fit. These may fit like underwear, but you won’t forget for a moment what they really are and what they’re used for.

But thickness aside, I think the most interesting feature of the pad itself is the width and length. That’s a single feature, right?

The pad must be 4 or 5 inches wide, and gives you full coverage up front--all the way up to the waistband--and halfway up the back. I only wish us men could get that kind of coverage in disposable pull-ups.

But pad size and thickness doesn’t necessarily translate into reliability and leak resistance. If you’re a “flooder,” you’ll find two key flaws: no standing leak guards to hold in fluid while the pad absorbs it, and a pad that was designed to accommodate a completely fake and superfluous “fly” in the front. The pad narrows there, and that’s where I leaked. I suspect you will too.

So it’s not perfect. But here’s the thing: it’s still better than every other reusable men’s underwear product I’ve found. The HealthDri undies are a joke; the DriBriefs are good for little very, very small leaks, but have absolutely no protection past the crotch; and the Salk “Sani-Pant” effort is just far too clinical/institutional to fill the same niche as these.

So, while they’re bulky, and they will leak if flooded, I suspect that anyone with a slow drip or stress incontinence will do quite well with these. With all of those caveats, I will recommend these.
Super Absorbency Briefs
Super Absorbency - Holds up to 10 ounces of liquid.
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