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Super Absorbency Briefs

Super Absorbency Briefs

Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2015):
I don't normally write reviews for products that I use, but after seeing another guy close to my age (the 21 year old guy that served in Iraq, who I thank for his service) review these Wearever incontinence briefs, I figured I'd give my two cents.

I'm 28 and a high school baseball/cross country coach who does a lot of running and working out. I also happen to suffer from daytime and nighttime urinary incontinence. Since I was just a young kid, I've never been able to fully control my bladder. My parents attempted to potty train me when I was 2-3 but I didn't take. My doctor ultimately diagnosed me as having an irreparable bladder defect. To this day, I rarely go more than a few hours without spontaneously wetting my diapers or underpants.

Since I was so young and had never been able to wear just regular underwear, having to wear diapers was not a big deal to me...and I wore strictly disposable diapers until I was 12 or 13 and entered junior high. Because I played several sports and had to change in the locker room, I knew wearing diapers during the day was no longer an option. So my parents began buying me absorbent pads which I inserted into my white Hanes/FOTL briefs. However, since my wetting has always been worse at night, I would still put on a normal disposable tape-up diaper before bed. While my family and closest friends knew of my problem and that I wore diapers, it was still complicated and sometimes difficult to hide it from others.

When I got to college, I started searching for an alternative to buying absorbent pad inserts. In reading several online discussion forums, one product kept popping up...Wearever absorbent briefs. I Google searched and actually found them on Amazon, so I bought 2 pairs to see how they fit, felt and worked. I'm thoroughly impressed with how absorbent they are and how they feel around my crotch, waist, and bottom. They fit exactly like my normal white briefs and don't require me to readjust the absorbent pad as I used to do. I also no longer have to worry wetting during the day and soon after having to change my absorbent pad...when I'm wet, the super-absorbent pads built into these briefs hold a lot more. I love that they are reusable and hold up very well after multiple washes. I now own several pairs and wear them during the day underneath my street clothes and coaching/workout clothes. When changing clothes in front of the other coaches, all they see is that I'm wearing white briefs or "tighty whities" and of course they don't notice when I actually may have wet in them during practice.

Though I wish I didn't suffer from incontinence problems, I actually like and don't mind wearing disposable diapers and always wear Tena tape-up diapers (I'm not a fan of pull-up style diapers) around the house and when sleeping. Maybe because I've worn them all my life, I just feel more comfortable and confident when I'm wearing a diaper. But during the day, I don't wear anything but these Wearever absorbent briefs and I encourage other guys with similar problems to use them as well.
Super Absorbency Briefs
Super Absorbency - Holds up to 10 ounces of liquid.
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