Review of Buster Brown Socks by Minding Spot

Thanks to Minding Spot for their great review of Wearever Buster Brown Socks!

Wearever Buster Brown Socks Review:

White Buster Brown Diabetes Socks from Wearever Incontinence

Wearever is a company that prides itself on quality, durable products that will give you the best product for your money.  Not only does the pricing have to be comparable, but the product must be fashionable, modern and perform well consistently.

Wearever became known for it’s incontinence underwear products, but has expanded their line to bedding and diabetic socks.  I had the opportunity to review their buster brown socks, and I’m not diabetic.  They are also recommended for those with poor circulation or easily irritated skin.
knee socks and they do come in black, ivory or white. I’d definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys a quality made product or has diabetes, poor circulation or easily irritated skin.

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