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Adult Male Incontinence Causes Vary


Everyday, millions of individuals battle accidental urine leaks. Though most commonly associated with women, males also experience this problem. It is important to know that adult male incontinence is not a disease, but rather a disorder that can induce embarrassment, inconvenience and depleted self confidence. There are many symptoms that trigger leaks and the feelings described. For instance, pressure on the body’s system, such as laughing, coughing and sneezing can produce accidental releases of urine, as well as frequent urination and overflow from an irritable bladder. And, incontinence also can be related to or a result of complications due to major medical conditions, such as nerve damage and strokes. Whatever the cause, find protection both internally and externally from

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Incontinence Underwear for All

Whether you are in search for personal products or buying for those you care for, know that quality comes first at Our incontinence water proof washable underwear is designed for those who suffer from frequent incontinence. Incontinence underwear created with fibers that last, designed especially for leakage, has proven to stand the test of time with reuseable options and stylish flare. See for yourself how discreet and stylish Wearever’s incontinence underwear can be for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Browse through incontinence briefs for men and incontinence panties for women throughout or give us a call at 1-866-379-8198 to find out how quality incontinence underwear can make a difference in your life or of the lives of those you’re caring for.

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Mens Reusable Incontinence Brief Packs a Must Have

Some things are out of our control. Wearever understands, which is what prompted the creation of clothing apparel designed to control seeps of urine that occur. Incontinence water proof washable underwear from our renowned product line offers controlling agents and fibers that absorb accidents. Our textures soak up the moisture on the inside without exposing the problem on the outside, thanks to layered protecting fibers and inserts using absorbent components are included in each selection for women and within the mens reusable incontinence briefs. Trust in our reusable incontinence underwear to protect skin and pride at the same time.

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Causes of Frequent Urination? Male and Female Symptoms

Do you find that accidental urine leaks are appearing more so than usual? Do you find yourself making countless trips to the restroom each day? If so, it may be time to evaluate the cause of incontinence. There are many causes of frequent urination that are common in today’s society. Stress and pressure upon the bladder is typically the culprit. When overactive bladders cannot hold anymore, spills are inevitable. This is why Wearever provides discreet measures to conceal and soak up accidents, caused by frequent urination, prostate problems, stress on the bladder and leaks caused by childbirth and pregnancy. Try on some much-needed protection from sudden frequent urination today for a slimming and concealing solution to incontinence. Continue reading

Wearever Reusable: Briefs That Last

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a product that lasts briefly. Luckily, Wearever has created a incontinence underwear line that is made to outlast the rest. When urinary incontinence, female or male, strikes, under and outer wear that is built to protect becomes a necessity. Trust in leaders of the industry who have developed multi-layer, patent pending, reusable and fashionable apparel, designed especially for active lifestyles. Don’t let unsuspecting leakage slow you down when wearing Wearever reuseable incontinence briefs from Each selection is made with fibers and fabric that soaks up leaks before you become soaked. Keep browsing for a wide selection of panties for both men and women.

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Incontinence Underwear: Apparel That Fits

When embarrassing leaks arise, be prepared with quality clothing from Our product line is designed to protect urine leakage from interrupting the active lifestyles of our clients. Let’s face it: life happens. When it does, be assured that incontinence underwear protects outerwear right away. Quality incontinence briefs from Wearever are fully absorbent for both men and women and visibly less bulky than under wear that is disposable. Find the alternative to adult daily diapers with washable, reusable cotton jersey textures that leave skin dry and soft. Many of our clothing options are equipped with a waterproof outer layer, offering double the protection against leaks. Antimicrobial fibers work to eliminate odors while sewn-in pads keep customers feeling dry all day long. Continue to stay active when wearing our premium adult incontinence products. Suppliers who know the meaning of comfort have created solutions for secretive spills. Continue reading