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Is it possible to travel with incontinence?

Traveling with incontinence doesn’t have to be stressful or embarrassing while driving or flying. Suffering from a loss of bladder control should never come between you and seeing the world, and proper preparation for your trip can ensure a worry-free experience.

Consult with a Physician

Traveling with Incontinence- Wearever IncontineneceDiscuss both your travel plans and concerns regarding your incontinence with a physician as far in advance as possible. A doctor can offer sound advice pertaining to urinary incontinence issues and help you decide if prescription medication is right for you during your trip. Take this opportunity to have a thorough checkup and ensure you have enough refills of current medications to last through your travels. Continue reading

Are Women Alone When it Comes to Incontinence?

Do only Women suffer from Incontinence?Incontinence can be an embarrassing, difficult condition to deal with, and contrary to mainstream beliefs, it is not exclusive to women. The National Association for Continence estimates that nearly 20 percent of bladder control sufferers are adult men, ages 30 and older. A third of surveyed adults believe that incontinence is simply a part of aging, but age is not necessarily a cause. If you are suffering from symptoms of a bladder control problem, you can reduce the occurrences by addressing the root cause. Continue reading

Incontinence Underwear: It Doesn’t Have to Show

Wearever Women's Lovely Lace Trim Incontinence PantiesAccording to the National Association for Incontinence, more than 25 million adults in the US suffer from some form of urinary incontinence; more than 75 percent of those being women. According to the US Department of Health’s project sector, women’s health, childbirth, pregnancy, and menopause are major contributors to the prevalence of the condition in women.

Whatever the reason behind your incontinence, dealing with the condition discreetly is a priority. In the past, incontinence panties for women have been unattractive, bulky, restrictive, and expensive – but not anymore. Wearever has changed the name of the game, bringing women across the nation beautiful, effective, reusable, and affordable seamless incontinence briefs. Continue reading

Common Causes of Female Teenage Incontinence

Bladder or urinary incontinence in teens occurs when the individual cannot keep their urine from leaking out of their urethra. The urethra carries the urine from their bladder so it can exit the body.

There are three common kinds of urinary incontinence. Continue reading

Signs That My Loved One Needs to Start Wearing Incontinence Underwear?

Family members and caregivers often have the responsibility of delivering uncomfortable information to loved ones. Having a conversation about the need to wear incontinence panties or incontinence briefs is probably not something you’re looking forward to doing. The good news is that people who suffer from incontinence have access to items that can help them to maintain their dignity and quality of life. Incontinence supplies can also help caregivers in managing this issue more effectively. Not using incontinence products can not only result in embarrassing incidents, but also health issues like skin rashes and urinary tract infections. When it’s time, it’s important to talk to loved ones about the usefulness and efficacy of incontinence products. Continue reading

Tips for a Healthy & Safe Exercise Program Despite Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition that can affect men and women of any age despite the public’s misperception that it’s a condition that primarily affects the elderly or the infirm. The term urinary incontinence refers to the involuntary loss of some or all of the bladder’s contents in persons of either sex. According specialists, as many as 20 percent of adult women suffer from incontinence issues. The usual causes of female incontinence issues arise from childbirth or athletic injuries. Men frequently experience incontinence after surgery to the prostate gland. Continue reading

My Loved One Has Incontinence but Hasn’t Confronted It, What Can I Do?

Incontinence can be an embarrassing experience for anyone who is affected by it, whether it is the person who has incontinence or a relative. It can be challenging for people to help their loved ones come to terms with the fact that they have incontinence, as it is an awkward topic to address and the person may be in denial. However, these tips should help lead your conversation. Continue reading

Can Water Aerobics Help with My Incontinence?

Wearever SOSecure Swim Diaper

When you are struggling with bladder control one of the last places you likely want to be seen is at the gym. Once you start jumping around in that Zumba or aerobics class you will start noticing increased leaks. In your goal to improve your overall health while learning to manage your bladder control issues, what can you do?

The answer may be found in a swimming pool. Continue reading

What Does It Mean When You Keep Urinating?

If you occasionally leak urine when you cough, sneeze, or laugh, or have frequent sudden urges to urinate,then you likely suffer from urinary incontinence. While it can be an embarrassing problem, it’s not an uncommon one. According to U.S. health, about 30 million Americans are affected by urinary incontinence, making it a more common symptom than diabetes and asthma. Continue reading

Can Diet Modification Help Control Incontinence?

Many people with incontinence will try anything, even dietary changes, to get rid of their embarrassing urinary issues. One should know that there is no exact cure, dietary or otherwise, for incontinence. However, there are some dietary changes you can make to increase your control to a degree. According to The CareGiver Partnership there are many foods that you can remove from your diet to help eliminate bladder leakage, although none of them are proven or backed by science. Continue reading