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Cuff Leg Panty

Product SKU: 6886

The Cuff Leg Panty from Wearever Incontinence gives a slim profile and offers light/medium protection for small leaks. Available in white and beige.

Wearever Women's Cuff Leg Incontinence Panties offer maximum protection, comfort, style and reusability. These incontinence panties last 200-250 washes and are backed by the Wearever brand. Not only are they an economical and reliable alternative to disposable incontinence products, you will feel protected all day long. The Women's Cuff Leg Incontinence Panties are a soft, silky 100% cotton jersey with built-in Agion antimicrobial fibers, which reduce odor-causing bacteria. The pad on these incontinence panties includes a waterproof outer layer, preventing leakage and all-day double protection. These are classically styled with generous rear coverage and chaffing prevention. Wearever's Women's Cuff Leg Incontinence Panties have a sewn-in, super absorbent Unique-Dri pad to trap liquid and provide you with all-day protection. Rest easy knowing there are no inserts or disposable pads required and these panties are specifically made for those dealing with light to moderate incontinence.

Manufacturer Wearever