What is Incontinence? The Basics

What is Incontinence? Urinary Incontinence, or UI, is the accidental leakage of urine.  Whether caused by a sneeze or giggle, pregnancy or the inability to “hold it”, UI is more common than you might think.  Over 18 million Americans – men and women, young and old – are affected by UI (it is often mistakenly thought that UI only affects the elderly).  85% of sufferers are women.  In fact, research shows that one in four women over the age of 18 experience at least occasional episodes of urine leakage.  In other words – you are not alone.

There are various levels of urinary incontinence.  Wearever carries an assortment of incontinence underwear products that will work best for you given your level of incontinence.  Each Wearever™ garment features a triple layer pad consisting of odor eliminating antimicrobial fibers for high absorbency and protection from wetness.  All products have a stylish “normal underwear” appearance and feel.

Light Incontinence (4oz or less): Sometimes referred to as “stress incontinence”. This is the most common type of incontinence found in women (of all ages). Symptoms include the inadvertent loss of small amounts of urine, often related to activities such as lifting, bending, coughing or sneezing.

Best Wearever products for light incontinence:
Wearever Womens Smooth & Silky Seamless Full-Cut Incontinence Panties

Moderate Incontinence (4oz.-10oz.): Moderate or urge incontinence effects tens of millions of men and women. This type of incontinence is characterized by a larger loss of urine, often associated with not getting to a bathroom in time. For men, this type of incontinence may also be associated with an “overflow” after urinating.

Best Wearever products for moderate incontinence for women include:
Wearever Womens Cotton Comfort Incontinence Panties
Wearever Womens Floral Fancy Incontinence Panties
Wearever Womens Lovely Lace Trim Incontinence Panties
Wearever Womens Nylon and Lace Incontinence Panties
Wearever Womens Banded Leg Incontinence Panties
Wearever Womens Lace Trim and Cotton Incontinence Panties

Best Wearever products for moderate incontinence for men include:
Wearever Mens Classic Incontinence Briefs
Wearever Mens Incontinence Boxer Briefs

Heavy Incontinence (10oz.-12oz.) This is characterized by unintentional and significant loss of urine. This is usually associated with the inability to stop the flow of urine once it has started, immobility (unable to get to the bathroom unassisted), and may also be associated with urine loss during sleep.

Best Wearever products for heavy incontinence for women include:
Wearever Womens Super Incontinence Panties

Best Wearever products for heavy incontinence for men include:
Wearever Mens Incontinence Super Briefs

You can rely on Wearever products to help you maintain your dignity and protect clothing and furniture whether you have Light, Moderate, or Heavy Urinary Incontinence.

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