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6 Things That can Make Incontinence Worse

woman with incontinence at toiletUrinary incontinence can happen to men or women at any time, and there are many everyday habits than can make this already unpleasant experience worse. By knowing what incontinence symptoms might be affecting your bladder, you can make positive lifestyle changes to help. Together with incontinence underwear or incontinence panties, the tips here can aid you in living a healthy and active life.


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10 Tips for Responding to Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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Prostate cancer can be a life-changing diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to keep you from leading a life of enjoyment.
  1. In response to prostate cancer diagnosis, it’s critical to take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and try to approach the situation calmly and logically.
  2. Don’t let anyone rush you. There’s ALWAYS time to evaluate the medical options and get a second opinion from another medical expert who ideally is not affiliated with the same practice as the physician who provided the initial diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Continue reading

Ways to Minimize Urinary Incontinence Side Effects

woman all alone with incontinence anxietyMillions of people suffer from urinary incontinence. For many, it’s an isolating and embarrassing condition that makes them feel alone. If involuntary urination is affecting your everyday routine, you’re not the only one. Luckily, it’s such a common problem that medical researchers have discovered several ways to minimize and soften the side effects.

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Understanding the Different Types of Incontinence

Understanding the Different Types of Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control leading to the accidental leakage of urine. The condition can be mild, and include only a few occasional drops leaking, or it can be more severe, and include frequent accidents because the urge to urinate is too sudden and strong to resist. There are multiple different types of urinary incontinence, and knowing their symptoms and strategies for preventing and managing them can help you maintain freedom in your life.

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Dealing with Incontinence in Your Twenties

Although regarded as a medical problem associated with old age, incontinence does affect people in their twenties. In addition to physically dealing with incontinence, young adults often carry feelings of shame and embarrassment due to bladder control issues. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding incontinence (as well as its reputation for happening only to elderly people) frequently prevents younger people from enjoying the active, social life they should be experiencing at what is the most exciting and adventurous time of their lives.

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Who Knew? 5 More Uses for Bed Pads

Caregivers have numerous roles to fill, and frequent laundering just adds to your list of responsibilities. Relieve yourself of household messes and cleanup with washable and reusable bed pads. Incontinence protection is the primary use for bed pads, but families of all types will find them useful. Read through for alternative uses you probably never considered.

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How to Prepare for Vacation When You Have Incontinence

It’s estimated that some 25 million people in North America experience incontinence, which is described as accidental or involuntary urination. The severity of one’s incontinence varies – sometimes incontinence is even temporary – but there’s no reason why people who experience incontinence can’t still live a perfectly normal life and do perfectly normal things… like go on vacation.

That’s right, while some people who experience incontinence may be hesitant to venture off on a vacation for the fear of an accident in unfamiliar territory, there are many ways to combat incontinence issues to enjoy a stress-free vacation, while being discreet about your condition in the process.

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5 Celebs Who Own Their Incontinence

5 Celebs Who Own Their IncontinenceMany times during your incontinence journey, you might feel like you are alone. Luckily, that isn’t the case. Currently, there are over 25 million Americans who experience some form of incontinence. This condition is much more common that you would think. Thousands of people are becoming aware of their incontinence, and of different treatment methods each day. Among these individuals, there are some celebrities who have opened up about their incontinence to let others know that they are not alone. Though there are many others, here are five celebrities who own their incontinence. Continue reading