Incontinence Doesn’t Have to Be a Secret

Incontinence is a topic often not discussed, but with millions of aging Americans dealing with this common issue, it shouldn’t be.  Wearever knows this all too well, as does, a resource website for baby boomers. broke some of the national silence on the topic of incontinence.  In a recent post by one of its Empty Nest and Retirement editors, shared the economic and ecological benefits of Wearever’s incontinence products, but more importantly, sheds lights on this often-silent story.

“We are happy to tout the benefits of the Wearever products,” says Retirement editor, Ruth.  “This is definitely a subject that shouldn’t be brushed under the rug.”

At its heart, is a resource website for Baby Boomers with a mission to build the world’s largest collection of multi-generational stories through its free blogging community.  We have a lot to learn from baby boomers in the grandparenting, empty nest and retirement life stages.

We encourage baby boomers to participate on by sharing the personal stories about their lives, whether tips and tales about grandparenting, memories from important stage of life events, or tips and experiences dealing with incontinence.

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About the Author:

Eric Thiegs, founder and CEO, built as a free resource and blogging community for people of all life stages, whether they are teens or baby boomers.  He recognized the need for an online community and designed to support a generationally diverse group where both younger and older generations (and those in the middle), could share the joys and challenges of life, all in the hope of changing the world, one story at a time.  Share your life story at, maybe your life experience will help or inspire someone today.

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